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Surrey Hockey have advised that they will relegate three teams from Surrey Division 3 and promote two teams from Surrey Open Hockey League Premier Division – i.e. three down, two up.
This will leave SOHL Premier with thirteen teams. Experience tells us that a thirteen-team division does not work – void team players can play for lower sides, leading to accusations of ringers.
Accordingly, and in order to maintain two up from other divisions, it is proposed that the bottom three teams from Premier, First and Second Divisions will be relegated. This is clearly not ideal as we always try to maintain ‘two up, two down’, but we have been given little choice and this appears to be the ‘least bad’ option. A final proposal for next season’s SOHL structure will be presented to the AGM on 23 May.Regards
Marc Fisher, SOHL Fixture Secretary

By sohlsecretary on April 30th, 2019