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Division 5 2020/21

Surrey Open Hockey League

Surrey Open Hockey League

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Old Cranleighans OC Warriors65012772015
2- Cranleigh Men's 265012151615
3- Guildford Men's Cavaliers650120101015
4- Sanderstead Cats640223101312
5- Reigate Priory Men's 664021913612
6- Old Reigatian Men's 3s72141321-87
7- Horley Men's 3s6114919-104
8- Cheam Men's 3s71151236-244
9- Merton Boars61051221-93
10- Addiscombe Men's 4s6033620-140*

* = points adjustments

23 January 2021
Cheam Men's 3s(+)Cranleigh Men's 2
Sanderstead Cats(+)Guildford Men's Cavaliers
Addiscombe Men's 4s(+)Old Cranleighans OC Warriors
Reigate Priory Men's 6(+)Merton Boars
Old Reigatian Men's 3s(+)Horley Men's 3s
16 January 2021
Horley Men's 3s(+)Guildford Men's Cavaliers
Merton Boars(+)Cheam Men's 3s
Old Cranleighans OC Warriors(+)Reigate Priory Men's 6
Cranleigh Men's 2(+)Sanderstead Cats
Old Reigatian Men's 3s(+)Addiscombe Men's 4s
09 January 2021
Sanderstead Cats(+)Merton Boars
Cheam Men's 3s(+)Old Cranleighans OC Warriors
Reigate Priory Men's 6(+)Old Reigatian Men's 3s
Guildford Men's Cavaliers(+)Cranleigh Men's 2
Addiscombe Men's 4s(+)Horley Men's 3s
02 January 2021
Sanderstead Cats(+)Old Cranleighans OC Warriors
19 December 2020
Cheam Men's 3s(+)Reigate Priory Men's 6
Cranleigh Men's 2(+)Old Cranleighans OC Warriors
Horley Men's 3s(+)Merton Boars
Guildford Men's Cavaliers(+)Old Reigatian Men's 3s
Sanderstead Cats(+)Addiscombe Men's 4s
12 December 2020
Old Cranleighans OC Warriors2-3Guildford Men's Cavaliers
Addiscombe Men's 4s2-2Cheam Men's 3s
Merton Boars1-4Cranleigh Men's 2
Horley Men's 3s1-7Reigate Priory Men's 6
Old Reigatian Men's 3s1-7Sanderstead Cats
05 December 2020
Cheam Men's 3s1-3Old Reigatian Men's 3s
28 November 2020
Old Cranleighans OC Warriors(+)Merton Boars
Reigate Priory Men's 6(+)Sanderstead Cats
Addiscombe Men's 4s(+)Guildford Men's Cavaliers
Old Reigatian Men's 3s(+)Cranleigh Men's 2
Cheam Men's 3s(+)Horley Men's 3s
21 November 2020
Guildford Men's Cavaliers(+)Merton Boars
Reigate Priory Men's 6(+)Addiscombe Men's 4s
Cranleigh Men's 2(+)Horley Men's 3s
24 October 2020
Guildford Men's Cavaliers4-2Reigate Priory Men's 6
Sanderstead Cats9-1Cheam Men's 3s
Cranleigh Men's 25-0Addiscombe Men's 4s
Merton Boars1-4Old Reigatian Men's 3s
Horley Men's 3s1-4Old Cranleighans OC Warriors
17 October 2020
Reigate Priory Men's 63-1Cranleigh Men's 2
Addiscombe Men's 4s2-4Merton Boars
Cheam Men's 3s1-7Guildford Men's Cavaliers
Old Reigatian Men's 3s0-3Old Cranleighans OC Warriors
Sanderstead Cats2-0Horley Men's 3s
10 October 2020
Cranleigh Men's 25-0Cheam Men's 3s
Old Cranleighans OC Warriors7-0Addiscombe Men's 4s
Merton Boars1-2Reigate Priory Men's 6
Horley Men's 3s4-2Old Reigatian Men's 3s
Guildford Men's Cavaliers2-1Sanderstead Cats
03 October 2020
Reigate Priory Men's 61-4Old Cranleighans OC Warriors
Addiscombe Men's 4s1-1Old Reigatian Men's 3s
Sanderstead Cats0-4Cranleigh Men's 2
Cheam Men's 3s5-3Merton Boars
Guildford Men's Cavaliers3-2Horley Men's 3s
26 September 2020
Old Cranleighans OC Warriors7-2Cheam Men's 3s
Horley Men's 3s1-1Addiscombe Men's 4s
Merton Boars2-4Sanderstead Cats
Old Reigatian Men's 3s2-4Reigate Priory Men's 6
Cranleigh Men's 22-1Guildford Men's Cavaliers
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Tim Stansbury Old Cranleighans 9 0 0 9
Jonty White Old Cranleighans 3 0 0 3
John Smither Merton 1 0 0 1
Andy Holmes Merton 1 0 0 1
Adrian White Old Cranleighans 1 0 0 1
Molin Navamani Old Cranleighans 1 0 0 1
Jonathan Cheesmur Old Cranleighans 0 0 1 1
Chris Walker Merton 0 1 0 1